NASCAR Legend Saves His Wife From Intruders, Says Five Words Every Conservative Will Love

Legendary NASCAR driver Richard Childress said it’s thanks to “God and the Second Amendment” that he and his wife are safe after three robbers broke into their home on Sunday, according to BizPacReview.

Childress reportedly chased the group of masked intruders away with gun fire.

Check it out:

Childress and his wife were at their home in North Carolina when their security system alerted them about the intruders, WCNC reports. The three individuals broke a window beside a door knob on the lower level of the house.

According to authorities, Childress armed himself and fired at the three suspects. Sheriff David Grice said there was no sign the intruders were injured.

The Sheriff explained Childress had the right to defend himself in the situation under the state’s “Castle Doctrine” law.

Childress is offering $10,000 to anyone who may have information on the intruders.