400 Scientific Papers Written That Blow the Lid Off Climate Change ‘Consensus’ — Just This Year

Liberals are wrong when it comes to global warming/climate change. Their faulty data and nonsensical arguments have been debunked too many times to take them seriously.

Some of their biggest talking points simply aren’t true.

97% of scientists agree on climate change. Wrong.

And then, they turn around and ask us to kill hundreds of thousands of jobs and make America less competitive so we can maybe lower the earth’s temperature by fractions of a degree by the year 2100.

Yeah, no thanks.

In case you aren’t convinced. Here is even more evidence that liberals are wrong.

From Conservative Tribune:

According to an outspoken university biologist and author, at least 400 scientific papers have been written this year alone that raise serious doubts regarding the theory that recent changes in the Earth’s climate are primarily caused by rising carbon dioxide emissions.

Writing for his blog, NoTricksZone, Brown University biology professor Kenneth R. Miller explained that the papers both question the climate change “consensus” touted by left-wing politicians and mainstream media — and also make it clear “that there are significant limitations and uncertainties inherent in our understanding of climate and climate changes.”

In other words, they prove that “(c)limate science is not settled,” no matter how much liberals claim otherwise. For instance, the studies show that what some perceive as bizarre temperatures, sea levels and weather patterns “are neither unusual nor unprecedented,” Miller explained.

Talk about a narrative buster.