Wife Of Orlando Nightclub Shooter To Stand Trial After New Documents Reveal Jaw Dropping Detail

In June 2016, a man walked into an Orlando nightclub and horrifically shot and killed 49 people.

According to new documents released by the FBI, the shooter’s wife knew of the attack before it occurred.

Per Daily Mail:

Noor Salman, 31, the wife of Omar Mateen who was killed by a SWAT team on June 12, 2016, after slaughtering 49 people in the Orlando nightclub, allegedly made the remarks hours after the massacre.

She was being questioned by FBI agents and local police and is said to have given a written statement which authorities believe proves she knew what Mateen was planning.

Despite the remark, she reportedly was allowed to leave the area and relocated to California.

That is, until she was arrested earlier this year:

She moved to California with their young son, gave a media interview protesting her innocence and lived quietly until January this year when she was arrested for alleged involvement.

The statements are now being revealed for the first time as Salman prepares to stand trial in Florida.

Here’s more:

Fort Pierce Police Department watch commander William Hall was the first officer who spoke to Salman visited her home at 4am on June 12.

He claimed in court on Thursday, according to Click Orlando which attended the hearing, that before he could even tell her what her husband had done, she seemed to know.


He described her behavior in the immediate aftermath of the shooting as ‘odd’ and said she told him unsolicited that her husband was ‘careful with guns and would never hurt anybody’.

[The officers] also say that before they could tell her what had happened, she allegedly volunteered that her husband ‘liked everybody, even homosexuals’.

She said her husband “liked homosexuals because they are sympathetic to Muslims.”

One FBI official reports Salman apologized in her statement: “I’m sorry for what happened. I wish I would go back and tell police and his family what he was going to do. I’m sorry I lied to the FBI, these are my own words.”