Breaking: Another Trump White House Official Is Out

White House Deputy Chief Of Staff Rick Dearborn announced his resignation on Friday, according to BizPacReview.

He plans to leave his position at the start of 2018 to return to the private sector.

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“Rick loyally served the president for two and a half years and brought tremendous energy to the White House staff,“ White House Chief of Staff John Kelly said. ”He’s a super guy and it breaks my heart to see him leave, but I look forward to his continued personal friendship and support for the president’s agenda.”

In his role, Dearborn managed the White House’s political operation, public outreach, and legislative affairs. He had worked for Trump for more than two years, as executive director of the presidential transition team following the election and helping in setting up the Washington office for the campaign.

Sources say Dearborn thought the passage of the GOP’s tax reform bill marked an opportune moment for his departure. Chief of Staff John Kelly, however, apparently made a pitch to keep him in the White House earlier this week.

Rumors are circulating that other senior staff departures will occur at the start of the new year. Dina Powell, President Trump’s deputy national security advisor, reportedly gave word of her resignation not long ago as well.

Here’s more:

Dearborn was a longtime Senate aide before joining the Trump team, working for former Sen. Bob Kasten of Wisconsin and as chief of staff for then-Sen. Jeff Sessions.

“Rick has been a real stalwart,” Gary Cohn, White House chief economic adviser, told the Journal. “I’ve really relied on him as part of the tax team, and he’s filled in a bunch of different jobs around here. He’s been a grown-up in the room.”