People Are Overlooking One Huge Factor In America’s Recent Sexual Harassment Firestorm

Sexual harassment, assault, pedophilia. The Left claims Hollywood is “eating its own.”
As of this writing, even famed documentary filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock has felt compelled to admit his sexual trespasses in the media.

Then came Conyers, Franken and more out of D.C. it is a matter of time before the focus turns inevitably toward Bill Clinton and President Trump.

The common thread between both capitals is: “it’s always been going on” yet why the sudden outrage that’s forcing prominent entertainers and politicians from power?

The focus of this essay is on hypocrisy. I will be following it up with how I deal with this in my life and career, However, this piece sets the table for that issue.

Corey Feldman has been in the news recently. For decades, Feldman has claimed he and partner and best friend, the late Corey Haim were victims of sexual abuse. He charged that the real problem Hollywood faces rampant pedophilia. His autobiography outlined horrible incidences without naming names. Feldman has always maintained that he would one day divulge the names of the abusers.

Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” is the #METOO movement. These are the women who came forward to speak out against sexual abuse. I ask, why was Corey Feldman not on this cover?

I also ask, why is no one helping Feldman in his cause? While Rose McGowan is able to summon her legions of “Rose Army” followers against anyone that offends her online, Feldman has been left standing basically alone.

Corey was interviewed by both Barbara Walters and Matt Lauer, and both were contentious and adversarial toward him. Lauer’s stance is now ironic, to say the least. The argument was made that he never came forward to name names and therefore if this was such a pressing matter, why didn’t he do so? LA Sheriff’s Office staff said he never came to them.

Last week an audio tape was produced proving Corey went to the police, as he said, in 1993 and listed the names of his abusers.

So where is the outrage for what appears to be a major sexual abuse problem in my industry, but also for the mistreatment of Corey Feldman? Where are the big and powerful stars, so ready to vilify the President, yet turning their backs on a serious problem–a plague if you will.

Where is the outrage, Hollywood? Stars claim their passion for helping children, but I guess children within the industry are sacrificial lambs?

It is my opinion that Corey made a PR mistake. Not long after Harvey Weinstein went nova like a dying star, Corey stated once again he would name names. His critics fired back that he’d been teasing since leaving names out of his book, and no one expected him to do it now.

The mistake he made, in my opinion, was setting up a crowdfunding site to raise ten million to make a documentary about the pedophilia issue in Hollywood. he would name the names in that film. The ten million was for private security for him and his family in addition to the costs of making the documentary he would write, direct and produce.

Critics stepped forward crying foul. He was accused of scamming fans. Feldman lamented that hardly anyone in his professional world stepped forward to write some big checks. He was alone. I can see how his fund drive backfired and I can see how some would sense ulterior motives. I do not feel that was Corey’s intent. Hindsight is 20/20 and I suspect he would’ve done some things differently.

Put that all aside, Corey Feldman is alone. He is right. Despite empty-gestured hashtag campaigns like #IStandWithCorey (What does that even mean? If you stand with him are you paying his security bills, legal fees if he goes to court?)

Why won’t anyone listen to Corey Feldman and speak up? Why was he left off the cover of Time Magazine? Didn’t he speak up decades before the #MeToo campaign? Is it because he is unliked? Is it because he isn’t an A-lister? Is it because he is male?

There are few who can argue against protecting children from sexual abuse and those who can, I don’t want to know. Why wouldn’t the entire industry rally to Feldman’s cause?
Rose McGowan is the defacto leader of her army. While she has understandably focused her rage on Weinstein and his ilk, she did work for Victor Salva, director of Powder and the Jeepers Creepers films. Salva was convicted of child molestation and pornography. Read more here.

McGowan is quoted as saying Salva was a sweet man and she’d rather not know about his sordid past. You can read here.

So Weinstein is a monster (I agree) but Victor Salva’s abuse of children is something someone as rabid as Rose would just rather not deal with? This makes no sense to me.

How can an industry rally against one form of abuse while turning its head to another?

What exactly is the selective process Hollywood has for its causes? I know that a number of men have come forward to discuss their issues with sexual abuse in the industry. From groping to full blown rape, the male stories take a backseat to the women’s tales.

See my original piece on Harvey Weinstein and the Shirley Temple story about the child star’s own battles with sexual predators.

My concern is a backlash that creates a toxic atmosphere that demonizes all men. We already deal with ridiculous phrases as “Toxic Masculinity.” I want to remind all those who believe that idiotic term is a real thing of the toxic masculinity that is helping quell the wildfires that burning all around me as I write this from Los Angeles. Strange, I don’t hear any feminist rant about the men putting their lives on the line to save property and life. When it comes to that, then masculine men are approved of I guess.

I ask again, Hollywood, why is no one listening to Corey Feldman? Why is no one of power stepping forward and embracing him and his cause? They left him to look like a fool on national TV years ago and no one stepped up to confirm that he did indeed, as he said, go to the LA Sheriff’s office to list his abusers.

Corey Haim died a lonely death, demonized by his past, as his own mother will attest. Why didn’t someone speak up then? Why are certain powerful directors still on the A-list, while also on the whispered pedophile list?

Which leads me to my next piece. Why am I on a blacklist, similar to Corey Feldman, for speaking my mind as a black, conservative woman?

I end this piece by saying what my critics will say: I said stupid things. I upset the wrong people. I betrayed my race. The list goes on…

#MeToo should include Corey Feldman and all of those children robbed of their voices. Corey’s films created a lot of wealth. They generated billions and he was used by this industry. His lone stance and the silence from Hollywood speaks volumes.